Cultivating radical belonging across
deep difference to engage racial equity

While we may talk about race across generations within our own families (who often share our racial identities), other opportunities to have deep, multi-generational discussions are limited. Conversations Across Generations (CxG) is a program that will support two 8-week-long cohort journeys consisting of transformative intergenerational conversations about racial identity and experiences of racism in Alaska guided by the question: "What does racial equity demand of us?"


Taylor Strelevitz
Conversation Programs Manager
[email protected]

The Program

Two cohorts will be selected to participate in the CXG program beginning in early September, each consisting of 16 community members from a range of generations, racial and cultural identities, gender identities, and neighborhoods in the greater Anchorage bowl.

Participants will engage in weekly conversations and structured exploration over 8 weeks to build a diverse community of lasting relationships that connect through and beyond common ground. The goal is for each cohort to discover a sense of radical belonging, belonging that rests on the deep appreciation of differing experiences and perspectives rather than common interests and shared identities.

The CxG journey will push participants to replace the questions “How can we find common ground?” and “How can our community overcome differences?” with the questions “How can we better understand our differences?” and “How can our community leverage differences?”