Following the 50th anniversary of the Alaska Native Settlement Claims Act (ANCSA), the Forum is hosting a series of conversations that are aimed at exploring our relationship to one another and the policy. These local and statewide conversations will be grounded not in academic or professional expertise, but in lived experiences. The Forum’s [email protected] conversation series will be a time for our community to gather, share stories, and imagine the possibilities the next 50 years hold. 

What was possible then? What is possible now?

How do we define ourselves? 


Taylor Strelevitz
Director of Conversation Programs 
[email protected]


January 13th | 6-8pm | Zoom

Statewide Opening Conversation

March 3rd 6-8pm | Zoom

Community Conversation

March 23rd | 6-8pm | Zoom

Community Conversation

April 7th | 6-8pm | Juneau Public Library Valley Branch

Community Conversation

April 14th | 4-7pm | Zoom

Statewide Closing Conversation

April 26th | 6-8pm | Noel Wein Public Library, Fairbanks

Community Conversation

April 27th | Youth Conversation with Tanana Middle Schoolers


Program Description

ANCSA has long been a polarizing topic in Alaska. Some have called it a powerful act of self-determination, while others have understood it as a tool of settler colonialism. There have been many events across the state that have celebrated the signing of this landmark legislation. There have been many panel discussions among leading experts in the fields of Alaska Native Studies, law, and economics sharing what ANCSA has meant and what it will mean for our community. However, there have been few opportunities for us to gather and explore ANCSA based on our relationships with one another and our lived experiences. 

The Alaska Humanities Forum connects Alaskans through stories, ideas, and experiences that positively change lives and strengthen communities. Our vision is a culturally diverse, economically vibrant, and equitable Alaska where people are engaged, informed, and connected. This vision will only be possible when our community has the opportunity to connect and share stories on topics that are the most dividing and divisive. With support from the Atwood Foundation, the Forum aims to fill this need by allowing our community to better understand ANCSA through relationships and conversations that prioritize lived experiences over expertise. This work is being guided and led by our community facilitators; Casey Groat, Baayin, Brianna Gray, and Crystal Jackson.

Community Facilitators