Brooke Wright |Fairbanks
Mother, UAF Fisheries student, Traditional Fisherman

Raised and taught by strong women who have passed traditional knowledge down for generations, Brooke Wright has a rich family history of subsistence salmon fishing and experience on the Yukon River. Her passion comes from the belief that “we are stewards of our lands and animals and it is our responsibility to continue taking care of places where we were raised and taught our traditional ways.” Our elders tell us to look generations ahead, we do the work for our children but we owe it to the generations behind us. In order to sustain the salmon we must have an equitable system today.

Wright graduated from the Tribal Management program with an A.A.S, while also pursuing a B.A. in fisheries science. While in the Tribal Management program she chose to do her practicum work at the Tanana Chiefs Conference Hunt and Fish Task Force as an intern and learned how important it is to advocate for traditional hunting and fishing. She is currently a Fisheries Fellow with Alaska Marine Conservation Council; Tanana Chiefs Conference is her host organization until March 2018.  Wright is in the College of Fisheries & Ocean Science Program and she serves as the Executive Council chair of the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission.

Wright believes that we need to get past divisiveness and build relationships among fishermen. “I look forward to sharing the cultural aspect of salmon and my upbringing along the Yukon River with the Fellows,” she explains. “ We often see salmon systems in silos but this shouldn’t be a barrier, we are free to walk through each to gain perspective from all stakeholders. Alaska Salmon Fellows will allow us to learn about the salmon systems in the state; we will need to work more closely across the state for the health of salmon and for the people.”