Charles Wright, Sr.
Tanana / Rampart | Water Plant Operator; Board Member Yukon River Fisheries Drainage Association

“Salmon is Alaska’s future.  It’s something all Alaskans have in common.”

Charlie Wright, Sr. is a lifelong subsistence and commercial fisherman and active trapper, raised on the Yukon River around Rampart.   Wright was a water plant operator for 22 years and holds a Water and Sewer certification through the State of Alaska.  He is in his second term as a board member of the Yukon River Fisheries Drainage Association.  He also serves as a Tanana Hunting and Fishing Taskforce Commissioner, and on the newly formed Yukon River Intertribal Fish Commission.


Wright believes in the art of storytelling as a way to bring people together and has been committed to representing his people and culture in conversations about the vital role of salmon for the communities along Alaska’s rivers.    “I live off of salmon all summer and most of the winter,” he says.  “Our family commercial fished and I did that most of my youth until closed in the area. I now subsistence fish and raise family on it.  I want to make sure salmon is available for my community and the future.”