Christina Salmon
Igiugig | Iliaska Env. , Lake & Pen. Borough Assembly member, Village Council member

“I am greatly troubled with the uncertainties that lie in store for the protection of this resource we all hold so dear. Alaska is the last place on Earth where salmon and industry thrive and where the culture built upon their annual return is so healthy and vibrant.”

Christina Salmon is the Manager at Iliaska Environmental, an Igiugig Village Council Member, and an Assembly Member for the Lake and Peninsula Borough.  She lives on the Kvichak River next to the world's largest run of Sockeye Salmon.  “With my grandmother, I have been splitting, hanging, smoking, and consuming salmon from as early as I can remember,” she recalls.  “It’s a way of life that I am passing down to my three children today. Ensuring the pristine ecosystem in which we live is maintained in perpetuity is my greatest passion.”

As an Alaska Native, salmon are a form of culture and sustenance for Salmon, and they’re also her livelihood, as she run a boarding house for sport fishers, and her husband commercial fishes in Bristol Bay. As a small business owner, she understands the challenges of running a company in rural Alaska and has a good working relationship with the commercial and sports fishing side of fish.   She also has close ties to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, as her father was a fish biologist, and Igiugig hosts representatives from Fish and Game to conduct smolt studies and tower counts each year.

Salmon has had extensive involvement with lawmakers on both a Federal (EPA) and State level. As an initiative sponsor of 2014's Ballot Measure 4, Bristol Bay Forever Initiative, she spoke and debated publicly to help provide extra layers of protection for salmon in the legislature. As a member of the Borough Assembly for Lake and Peninsula Borough, she is regularly involved in decisions that involve the Salmon Industry.   Salmon also worked to protect salmon in previous roles with the United Tribes of Bristol Bay and Trout Unlimited.