Rebranding Alaska from the Last Frontier to Native land.

Culture Stories is a new initiative developed in partnership between Culture Story and the Alaska Humanities Forum. It is a new media project reclaiming the Indigenous narrative so that Native people's stories are represented in mainstream media in an authentic, positive, and contemporary way. 

The series, created by Alyssa London, a member of the Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska and a shareholder of Sealaska Regional Corp and Shee Atika Village Corporation, will share the vitality of Alaska Native cultures through themes of food, faith, family, fashion, and the arts and will educate Native and non-Native communities about cultures outside of their own.  

The series' goals are:

  • To increase the representation of Alaska Native people in mainstream media.
  • To create stories that shine a positive light and tell a contemporary story about Alaska Native communities.
  • To educate people unfamiliar with the Alaska Native community about who we are today, and about the continued relevance of our values and way of life.
  • To increase interest in cultural tourism and Native arts.
  • To help Alaska Native people feel proud of their identity and the rich heritage they uphold and steward.

For more information, please visit the Culture Story website.

If you would like to make a donation to support Culture Stories, please contact George Martinez, Vice President of Communications and Community Engagement at [email protected].