Kristine Norosz

“I am in awe of salmon. Their beauty, power, resilience, reproductive drive, adaptability, variety, and the nourishment they provide to people, animals and ecosystems amazes me, continually. I believe the health of the salmon resource is inextricably linked to the wellbeing of our state and the vitality of Alaska’s people and cultures.”

Kris Norosz cares deeply about the health and sustainability of the salmon resource.  She eats salmon several times a week; lives in a community with subsistence, personal use, sport and commercial harvesters; works on public policy issues (habitat, bycatch, allocation, etc.); conducted field research; and is a multi-use harvester.

“If the salmon runs do not stay healthy,” explains Norosz, “the ecosystems suffer and we are part of those systems. We need to honor and respect this amazing resource through our thoughtful actions, just as we need to treat each other similarly.”


Norosz believes there is immense value in traveling beyond her home community and region and in seeking out others who have knowledge and experiences that are different from our own.  She makes it a goal to experience a place or area of the state that is new to her each year.

Early in Norosz’s career she had short stints as a Soil Scientist, carpenter, and herring technician before spending a decade as a Fish Biologist and Fish Technician for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.  She then spent another decade as a commercial  fish harvester, serving as crew in the halibut, sablefish, Bristol Bay drift gillnet salmon, southeast salmon seine and drift gillnet fisheries and as owner/operator of a southeast Dungeness crab operation.  Norosz also worked as Executive Director of the Southeast Alaska Seiners Association and Executive Director of the Petersburg Vessel Owners Association.   

Norosz has served on a number of boards and committees, including current roles with the Alaska Sea Grant Advisory Committee, Maritime Works, the Marine Conservation Alliance Board, Foraker Group, Rasmuson Foundation, and Alaska Airlines Community Advisory Board.  She holds a B.S. in Soil Science from California Polytechnic State University.