Leadership Anchorage Mentors

Mentors play a critical role In Leadership Anchorage (LA), pairing with participants to support their learning process and help to build a larger network across an area of interest or industry.


Mentors meet with their mentees on a regular basis, guiding them in meeting their goals for leadership development and community contribution.




  • This short blog from the Harvard Business Review demystifies many assumptions about mentoring and offers some valuable principles for making the most of mentoring opportunities. 

  • This short presentation on Modern Mentoring describes some of the different ways mentoring relationships can work - beyond the traditional one to one, senior mentor and more junior mentee.  

Mentorship Guide: This short guide offers mentors and mentees a starting point for understanding the expectations of mentoring and offers a brief overview of roles and expectations. While written for Leadership Anchorage, it is general enough to apply in other mentoring relationships.


Building Your Support System: This handout/worksheet from Gwen Kennedy, one of LA's regular guest facilitators, offers important information about the many ways individuals gain support in their lives. This worksheet is particularly valuable as you consider who you will ask to be your mentor. Reflect on you have in your support system now, and what attributes and characteristics you are seeking from your mentoring relationship.  

Mentorship Agreement: This simple outline is offered to encourage an open and transparent conversation leading to shared agreements between mentors and mentees about how the relationship can best achieve their mutual goals. 

Personal Development Plan: This template supports an individual to take ownership of their personal development and career plan. The one-page document summarizes past and current roles, skills and competencies. It also includes room to describe short, medium and longer term goals and the associated development needs and plans. It is a tool that can be used and refreshed throughout your career; it will be helpful in mentorship relationships to identify longer-term goals and strategies for development.  

Strategic Learning Contract:  This template is designed for setting specific goals within a targeted amount of time. For Leadership Anchorage, participants will establish their own Strategic Learning Contract to focus their efforts during the program by setting goals in three areas:  Personal, Leadership, and Community. 

We hope these resources are of value and we welcome suggestions and comments to enhance the mentoring experience for mentors and mentees.


Please contact George Martinez, martinez@akhf.org with any comments or questions.