When September 08, 2021 at 6:00pm 1 hr 30 mins
Where Zoom
Contact Cheryl Williams [email protected] 907.342.9139

The Leadership Alaska Continuing Learning Series is an 8-session, interactive experience designed to build a foundational understanding of regenerative leadership and its implications for creating a thriving Alaska.

The program is designed for graduates of Forum leadership offerings including Leadership Anchorage, Alaska Salmon Fellows, and the Conversations that Build Community alumni.

The series will take place from 6:00-7:30 pm on the following Wednesdays:

2021: Sep. 8, Oct. 13, Nov. 10, Dec. 8

2022: Jan. 12, Feb. 9, Mar. 16, Apr. 13

Participation is not mandatory for the full series. We encourage registration for more than one session to receive broader exposure to the essence of the work. 


The theory of change that underpins this program is, "by building capability in an expanded worldview that honors the interconnection of all living things, we are better able to tap into our own humanity and the unique calling of our times. Through the intentional deepening of relationships through dialogue and self-reflection, we create a stronger cohesive network of leaders who are positioned to collaborate towards a healthy, regenerative future for Alaska."  


Session 1: An Invitation and Introduction to a Living Systems Paradigm

This introductory session begins to build an understanding of a living systems paradigm, which represents an emerging new shift in leadership consciousness. Humanity is moving away from the mechanistic logic of the past which enforced reduction, control, and hierarchy, and returning towards a "logic of life" which is inherently regenerative, life-affirming, and adaptive. Participants will reflect on the impact of separation to self, others, and the planet. They will also examine and reflect on their worldview to better heighten their own understanding of reality.

OCTOBER 13, 2021

Session 2: Relational Infrastructure: Creating a Ground of Trust

In a living systems paradigm, the inter-weaving between individuals is the relational infrastructure which creates the very fabric of the community. We practice regenerative leadership when we shift our communication and leadership norms away from individualism and hierarchy towards functional interconnection of the "whole" system. Relationships and the quality of relationships form the fabric of a networked web of inter-relationships. In this session, participants will learn a few simple facilitation techniques to build a ground of trust and elicit the intentional weaving of a group. 

NOVEMBER 10, 2021

Session 3: Uncovering Your Unique Gifts as Evolutionary Leaders

An evolutionary leader thinks in life affirming ways. They see the essence of an individual as whole and complete, each with a unique gift or offering to share with the world. This session seeks to tap into the gifts and unique roles of community leaders in leading change. Participants will activate their "super-nature", which encompasses rational, intuitive, emotional and somatic intelligences. By harvesting a deepener sense of self-image, we nourish the health of the individual, so they interact and inter-relate positively to the broader communities they are a part of. 

DECEMBER 8, 2021

Session 4: The Possibility: Exploring the Living Systems within Your Community

This session will bridge the deepening of the self to the broader levels of living systems  including place and planet. Participants will gain a better understanding of living systems in action by mapping their community and discussing the inter-connection between systems at play in their daily lives. By examining flows of energy, resources, and information, community members can identify convergence points for intervention and support. 

JANUARY 12, 2022

Session 5: Embracing Complexity via Dissent and Differentiation

As our systems become more and more complex, so do our perspectives, opinions, and beliefs. By creating space for dissenting voices and opinions, we shift away from a patriarchal view that frames dissent as disloyalty. By engaging in diverse views through "differing with", we see differences as creative and synergistic resources. The dynamic tension produced in these dialogues mirrors the "edge effects" in permaculture, which explains how rich biodiversity is found where two systems or cultures overlap. Participants will explore the space at the edge, where converging systems can spawn creativity and richness. 

FEBRUARY 9, 2022

Session 6: What is Activating and Restraining your Commitment to Change?

According to quantum physics, there is a living field of consciousness present and accessible to us at all times. By exploring what is present in our field, we gain access to new intelligence. In this session, participants will reflect on their experience learning about this Regenerative philosophy. What is calling to be born through each participant? Participants will discuss the opportunities present in leading change now and in the future. They will use the help of a framework to organize their thinking and focus their energy. 

MARCH 16, 2022

Session 7: Ownership: Regenerative Leadership as a Calling

Regenerative leadership consciousness harnesses both the self-awareness of personal behavior and the systemic awareness of the living systems that surround them, which includes networks, flows, and relationships. The intersection of these two elements: self-awareness and systemic awareness guide and evolve leadership behavior and action. In this session, participants will reflect on their leadership calling that has been emerging through the series and outline how it can manifest on the personal, place-based, and planetary levels. 

APRIL 13, 2022

Session 8: A Review of Living System Communities as Conscious, Connected and Sustainable Systems - What’s Next?

In this final session, participants will choose to review key models and theories from the past seven sessions. They will also be guided through a meaning-making process to gain deeper clarity on how and where to harvest their personal Regenerative Leadership potential. 

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