Marcus Mueller |Kenai
Land Manager, Kenai Peninsula Borough

Marcus Mueller is an ecologist who has worked in land management for the Kenai Peninsula Borough since 2003.  He is also an avid fisherman, both sport and personal use, and can be found on the Kenai River and surrounding waters every summer.

Mueller is described as someone who can chart out a problem, the conflicting interests and the common interests, and show everyone at the table the options as he helps guide them toward the best solutions.  “He steers discussions to lasting impacts, not expedient answers.”


In the last few years, Mueller has been drawn to the study of formal ethics and human virtues, gaining insight into the human condition.  He brings this interest to his role as a Fellow.  “It is my hope to work toward bringing out a modern land ethic,” he explains, “a set of core principles that are useful at the individual level for discernment in value oriented choice making. I would like for a land ethic to become prominent in our culture, and shared intrinsically or expressly, and to be an element of our children's heritage.”  He is looking forward to connecting with the other Fellows through shared experience, conversation, and reflection. 

In addition to his work with the Borough, Mueller is an active member of his community.  He volunteers with youth leadership, vocational advancement, community planning, environmental stewardship, and organizational development.  He is a longtime supporter of international student exchange programs and local arts initiatives on the Kenai Peninsula.