Paying it forward

As an artist, educator, program designer and project manager, Sarah Davies has worked in the non-profit sector and public school system for sixteen years, always in service to the most vulnerable populations of the community. She holds multiple professional credentials and communicates through many media - wood, metal and fiber sculpture, jewelry design, digital photography. No matter the method or scale, Sarah melds the human experience with nature. Her background leads her to focus on combatting isolation and promoting a deeper understanding of self. Through the representation of hurting individuals transformed into “stone” statues, her 100Stone Project projects understanding, hope and res

Pathways to Projects - Reading/Response Assignment

When the Fellows meet again in October, we will be applying the insights from our Kenai gathering and summer activities to guide the development of a set of Fellows Initiatives to be funded and completed over the next year. To prompt your thinking about the impact Fellows will have, read Chapter 1 of Getting to Maybe: How the World is Changed. Reflect on the reading and the nature of the complex issues affecting Alaska's salmon and people system. Provide your response in this blog to the following question: What challenges could Salmon Fellows tackle to promote a more equitable and sustainable Salmon-People System? Hone your thinking to identify key leverage points or "blue zones" of opport

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