A Trip I Will Not Forget

The Forum's Sister School Exchange program builds connections between Alaskan communities through a reflective experiential-based curriculum that culminates with an exchange. The program operates throughout the school year, matching a teacher and five students from a rural community with a teacher and five students from urban Alaska. These teams work through a 6-8 week curriculum on cross-cultural understanding, and then take turns visiting and hosting each other. In the 2017-18 school year, 24 teams participated in the program, including Emilee Lomibao, a 7th grader from Eielson. Below, she shares photos and reflections on her experience. Interested in taking part in 2018-19? Learn more a

14 Miles: Dispatches from an Island in Alaska

After the 2016 presidential election, there was a lot of discussion about how polarized this country is and how social media helps reinforce echo chambers, feeding those divisions. That led us to create 14 Miles: Dispatches from an Island in Alaska, a documentary project set in Sitka, as a local response. It is an effort to draw people into discussion of relevant challenges, shared values, and common goals and to in a small way, simply “hijack” the social media feed with these stories and what they might generate. While the distance in Sitka from one end of town to the other is not long, we felt the potential to engage people in creating a series of micro-documentaries about place and identi

Forum staff: Program Alumnae

We're grateful to have enthusiastic program alumni who sing the Forum's praises. But how often do those same Forum alumni become Forum staff? Surprisingly more than you might imagine! Currently 5 of our 19 staff members - Carmen Davis, Rayette Sterling, Kari Lovett, Amanda Dale (left to right above), and Kirstie Willean (pictured below) - came to the Forum after having taken part in one or more of our initiatives. This month, we asked each to share an experience from that time that shaped their personal and/or professional life. Amanda Dale in 2001, I traveled to beautiful Scammon Bay as part of the Rose Urban-Rural Youth Exchange. Afterwards, a student from Scammon came and stayed with

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