George and Brenda Dickison: Help Wanted

DONORS SINCE: 2002 WHY WE GIVE: The Forum is a unique organization that fills an important niche in Alaska. We like that it’s focused on rural areas and art and culture and history. It funds interesting projects that maybe wouldn’t happen otherwise. It raises cultural awareness and appreciation. Any exposure to something different from your little world really opens up your eyes. GEORGE AND BRENDA DICKISON met when they were in high school in central Illinois. In college, George discovered his second love, Alaska, on a trip with the National Outdoor Leadership School. After graduate school, where Brenda earned a master’s degree in social work, the couple lived in Washington. George often wen

Sister School Exchange 2017-2018

The Sister School Exchange program connects Alaskans by pairing an urban and rural team together for a school year. Each team takes a turn hosting and visiting another community. As they travel and spend time together, connections are made. This year, 24 teams participated in the Sister School Exchange program. Click on the map above to see photos of the teams. Through the program, students learn more about their own community, are exposed to new experiences, make new friends, and get a glimpse into how another Alaskan community functions. The common thread between all SSE participants is that they build a stronger network of connections throughout our state. These stronger networks help

Changing Practice, Changing Systems

The Kuskokwim River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission met for their annual meeting in Bethel on May 7 and 8, 2018. The qasgiq is a traditional Yup’ik men’s community house, a place where young boys and men came together to make tools and weapons, where they learned their oral history. In its prime, it was also a social, political, spiritual, and economic institution that was central to the Yup’ik culture and community. For Alaska Salmon Fellow Mary Peltola, the qasgiq was part of her culture growing up. As part of the Salmon Fellowship, Mary joined forces with Warren Jones and Christina Salmon to intentionally restore qasgiq practices in their communities. “The qasgiq is not just the physical bu

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