Top 5 Lessons from Danger Close

When you come to an event with other strangers, it’s not usual to walk away feeling closer to everyone who attended, but that’s what Danger Close does. Once a month, the back room at Hearth provides writers with an atmosphere that is cozy yet still very open. Its big glass windows and closely arranged wooden chairs in front of tables set up in a horseshoe welcome you. Upon first glance at the other faces in the room, some may be recognizable and some not, a standard by virtue of living in Anchorage. Perhaps you invited a friend or family member to join you, but most come solo. You pick a chair and chat a bit before the pizza comes in waves. Maybe you have a glass of water or order a beer, an

Kenyon Paul Taking Flight

Alaska Humanities Forum’s Take Wing Coordinator, Allison Foust, sat down with Kenyon Paul at Coastal Villages Regional Fund (CVRF). Kenyon is a 2018 Take Wing and Lower Kuskowim School District graduate. Allison: Tell me a little about yourself and where you’re from. Kenyon: My name is Kenyon Paul, I’m from Kipnuk, Alaska. My grandparents are Joshua and Viola Paul, David Carl, and Kristie Gonzalez. My parents are Darren and Sheila Paul. I play guitar a lot and I play basketball. Allison: What are you doing in Anchorage? Kenyon: I’m on a Coastal Village Regional Fund (CVRF) internship program. The field that I’m in is Information Technology. I came here on May 28, 2018 to start the paid inter

Our Life in Bristol Bay

"I realized that Bristol Bay is more of an experience than it is a place on the map. It is harsh and home. It is rural and global. It is traditional and brand new." Grantee LaRece Egli With a grant awarded by the Forum to LaRece Egli in 2015, Our Life in Bristol Bay had a lofty goal: to document and facilitate the region’s tradition of innovation and adoption of technology to survive. She was challenged by issues like software pricing, limited access to affordable internet – just some of the difficulties encountered in creating a multifaceted media project reliant on a diverse range of organizations. LaRece, a Naknek artist who uses digital media as one form of expression, had to work across

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