Polarization and depolarization

Connecting across differences of perspective, experience, background, and belief.


Jacob Anaġi Adams, Sr. is an Iñupiaq elder from Utqiaġvik, Alaska. He attended the Wrangell Institute boarding school and completed high school at Mount Edgecumbe High School in Sitka. Adams is a successful whaling captain with his Anaġi Crew, and an active participant in Utqiaġvik’s political and business arena. He fought for the passage of the 1972 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act and helped establish Arctic Slope Regional Corporation. He was elected to the first assembly when the North Slope Borough was incorporated in 1972, was the first elected president of the Assembly in 1978, and was appointed mayor of the North Slope Borough in 1978. From 1983-2006, Jacob was President and CEO of ASRC, and currently is a member of their Board of Directors. He served as Chairman of the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission from 1977-1980 and has been active in the Native sobriety movement, helping to create the Alaska Native Blue Ribbon Commission in the late 1980s.




From Tautirut to Ch’dudnałyun, by Ruth Łchav’aya K’isen Miller and Elissa Opfer
Growing a new instrument of healing

Bloom and Rust, by Jessica Cherry

Reflections on Alaska’s Blue Economy around Chugachmiut


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