Facilitation Labs & Workshops

These highly interactive and experiential labs and workshops provide the opportunity to learn and practice techniques for guiding conversations and asking powerful questions.


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Forum Labs & Workshops: Training and tools for transformative conversation

Conversation is as natural as walking. It doesn’t feel like something we need to learn how to do. But just as a great running coach can teach you to run faster and more efficiently, a great conversation coach can teach you to design conversations and ask questions that more effectively strengthen relationships and build community.

The Forum offers three labs and four workshops.  All seven programs are perfect for community leaders, coaches, supervisors, facilitators, and anyone looking to improve the quality of their relationships. We also assist in recruiting for Braided Stories: Equitable Communities for Alaska’s Children and Families in concert with R.O.C.K Mat-Su. To register for future lab or workshops, please explore below!

Upcoming Labs

Leading Conversations that Build Community

April 4th and April 5th (Tuesday and Wednesday) | 8:30am - 4:30pm, Register here!

2 Sessions | 8 Hours | 16 participants | Held in Person at the Alaska Humanities Forum Offices

Participants take part in interactive, reflective discussions in large and small groups, learn techniques to lead them, and then have the opportunity to plan and facilitate a conversation and receive feedback from trainers and other participants.

Forum Labs 

Making Space for Conversation

1 Session | 4 Hours | 16 participants

Making Space for Conversation is a one-day four-hour interactive workshop designed to help participants create spaces where people feel safe and participate bravely. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with other community members to develop a set of concrete tools for identifying the domains of safety in a conversation space, self-reflect on one’s own needs for bravery, and practice collectively developing community agreements.

Facilitating Through Conflict

1 Session | 4 Hours | 16 Participants

Facilitating Through Conflict is an interactive four-hour workshop for participants seeking ways to navigate difficult conversations and using these moments as opportunities to build trust. This workshop identifies strategies for leaning into conflict, grounding oneself, and prioritizing equity.


      Upcoming Workshops

      The Art of Powerful Questions 

      4 Sessions | 2.5 Hours | 16 Participants Held online via Zoom:

      The Art of Powerful Questions is a highly interactive and experiential workshop held in a series of four 2.5-hour sessions. Participants can expect to hone their questioning skills and gain new insights about real dilemmas they are facing in their personal or professional lives.

      Described as "the one conversation tool that will make you better at absolutely everything", the art of asking questions is too important to leave to instinct. Powerful questions build trust, inspire creativity and new ways of thinking, and encourage deep engagement. Powerful questions motivate insight, innovation, and action. Powerful questions ignite change.

      Facilitation Foundations

      January 25th and January 26th (Wednesday and Thursday) | 9:00am - 1:00pm, Register here!

      2 Sessions | 4 Hours | 12 Participants | Held online via Zoom:

      This highly interactive workshop works to demystify the art and science of facilitation so that you can practice on your own. Guiding Questions: What is the power and potential of effective facilitation? What does effective facilitation take?

      Facilitation Bootcamps

      March 21st - March 23rd, 2023 (Tuesday - Thursday) | Registration opens soon!

      3 Sessions | 8-4-4 Hours | 12 Participants | Held in Person at the Alaska Humanities Forum Offices

      A 3 day experience to identify and develop your facilitation style. Participants will learn how to create spaces where people feel safe to participate bravely, and harness the energy of authentic conflict to move towards intimacy, insight, and breakthrough.

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