Cultivating radical belonging across
deep difference to engage racial equity

While we may talk about race across generations within our own families (who often share our racial identities), other opportunities to have deep, multi-generational discussions are limited. We will not succeed in dismantling racism until we commit to talking about race with people who have very different experiences than our own: not just in moments of unrest or uprising, but continuously and for the rest of our lives; not just at racial equity seminars or special events, but also within the normal, day-to-day conversations that make up our lives.

The Alaska Humanities Forum offers many different opportunities to engage in this work. Read about the impact so far in our Racial Equity Conversations Report.


Taylor Strelevitz
Director of Conversation Programs 
[email protected]

Conversations Across Generations

Conversations Across Generations (CxG) is a program that will support two 8-week-long cohort journeys consisting of transformative intergenerational conversations about racial identity and experiences of racism in Alaska guided by the question: "What does racial equity demand of us?"

Participants will engage in weekly conversations and structured exploration over 8 weeks to build a diverse community of lasting relationships that connect through and beyond common ground. The goal is for each cohort to discover a sense of radical belonging, belonging that rests on the deep appreciation of differing experiences and perspectives rather than common interests and shared identities.

The CxG journey will push participants to replace the questions “How can we find common ground?” and “How can our community overcome differences?” with the questions “How can we better understand our differences?” and “How can our community leverage differences?”

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Togetherings on Racial Equity

Togetherings are conversations presented in a series of three episodes, each series focusing on a different theme, exploring big ideas from an Alaskan perspective. At each Togethering, two people kick-off the conversation starting with some questions.

The Forum partners with a different organization or individual to work collaboratively to develop the theme for each series and to identify guests to open the discussion.

Listen to:

Racism in Alaska, developed in partnership with YWCA Alaska 

How to Dismantle Structural Racism, developed in partnership with Dr. Toni Biskup

Intersectional Indigenous Identities, developed in partnership with Native Movement

Host Your Own Conversation

The Forum's Kindling Conversation Program provides themed toolkits, host support, and $250 of funding to Alaskans interested in hosting short, thoughtful community conversations tailored to connect people across difference and foster inclusive conversational spaces throughout the state.

Here are some of the toolkits that focus on racial equity:


>We Are Of: A Conversation on Race, Land, & Culture

>Salmonberries & Saag Aloo: Carrying Our Heritage

>Continuous: A Conversation on Culture & Gender

Apply to the host your own conversation here. 

Racial Equity Facilitation Workshops

The Forum works with organizations to custom build interactive workshops that are designed to build resiliency and capacity within organizations to host conversations about race/ism and equity on their own. Each session is a two hour conversation that asks for bravery and strengthens community. In between sessions are four hour facilitation workshops that prepare participants to guide conversations independently.

Contact Taylor Strelevitz, Director of Conversation Programs at [email protected] for more information.