Paying it forward

As an artist, educator, program designer and project manager, Sarah Davies has worked in the non-profit sector and public school system for sixteen years, always in service to the most vulnerable populations of the community. She holds multiple professional credentials and communicates through many media - wood, metal and fiber sculpture, jewelry design, digital photography.

No matter the method or scale, Sarah melds the human experience with nature. Her background leads her to focus on combatting isolation and promoting a deeper understanding of self. Through the representation of hurting individuals transformed into “stone” statues, her 100Stone Project projects understanding, hope and resilience.

“Perhaps one day,” says Sarah, “I will find the language to express what it feels like to have made 100Stone Project with hundreds of others, and to be part of a global army of fearlessly vulnerable allies. Until then, the psychic debt I feel to my community for giving me a life of such quality is tremendous.”

Inspired by the statewide social impact of Sarah Davies’ 100Stone Project on Alaskans affected by acute emotional vulnerabilities, the Alaska Humanities Forum launched the HUMAN:ties Social Practice Grant. The initiative explores the influence of human connection on one's sense of physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being through investment in social practice, creative advocacy, and community dialogue.

Listen to a discussion with Sarah Davies of 100Stone, and Kameron Perez-Verdia and Megan Zlatos from the FORUM about this new grant on KSKA's Hometown Alaska.

Photo by Michael Conti.

Read more about Sarah and her work in the Spring 2017 issue of FORUM magazine


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