On The Exchange

Teams are starting to travel! So far we have had exchanges to Toksook Bay, Eek, Fairbanks, Colony, and Manokotak. More are heading out soon!

Team from Juneau getting ready to board their first plane as they head to Eek. (By the end of the day, they had been on three different planes.)

Representing Your Community

Before teams head out they prepare by spending time discussing how to represent their community well. They talk about what good hosting looks like as well as how a cultural ambassador acts while on the exchange. Here are some cartoons of what you should and shouldn't do while on an exchange.


While on exchange students write reflections of their experience. Below are first day reflections from Alaska Native Cultural Charter School's visit to Toksook Bay.

"My experience of going from Bethel To Toksook Bay was fun and exciting. It was fun because I got to go on another airplane that was smaller. It was Exciting because when we got to Toksook we got pulled in a sled, we got to meet some people, explore, and play in the gym with our Toksook Bay exchange students." ---Corey

"it was cool meeting the sister school exchange people in person for the first time and to see how life is in the village and how its so different to the life in Anchorage" --- Yaku

"On the first day of school I was pretty nervous and scared but I got use to it a little bit,it isn't hard or scary anymore, you just have to get the use of it and kind of go out and talk to people that you feel like meeting." --- Dawn

Essential Questions

While on the exchange, teams must explore their essential question. This is a big question that explores one of the elements of community. Here you see one of the teams from Juneau thinking about their essential question around food. They created a timeline of Juneau's food influences over time. As you can see, many people believe that the arrival of Costco was a major event in the evolution of food in that community!


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