Our Life in Bristol Bay

"I realized that Bristol Bay is more of an experience than it is a place on the map. It is harsh and home. It is rural and global. It is traditional and brand new."

Grantee LaRece Egli

With a grant awarded by the Forum to LaRece Egli in 2015, Our Life in Bristol Bay had a lofty goal: to document and facilitate the region’s tradition of innovation and adoption of technology to survive. She was challenged by issues like software pricing, limited access to affordable internet – just some of the difficulties encountered in creating a multifaceted media project reliant on a diverse range of organizations.

LaRece, a Naknek artist who uses digital media as one form of expression, had to work across and within multiple government agencies to deliver a design and a project that houses “existing cultural content sourced from a wide array of resources…from academic research to claymations developed by a talented 7-year-old resident of King Salmon.”

Our Life has been on exhibit at the King Salmon Visitor Center, accessible through a touch screen. More than 6,500 visitors enter the center’s doors each year and, of those, at least half have interacted with the content. Collaborative efforts continue to add resources to the project, making this a truly ‘live’ project.

“I believe connection to the Spirit of the Land is the invisible force that has thrived here for thousands of years,“ concludes LaRece. “This voice is loud, clear, alive and well and it is my hope that it can become even more audible as the project grows.”

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