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The Alaska Salmon Fellows (ASF) program, now in its 2nd year, facilitates demanding conversations about salmon issues among leaders from a cross section of salmon policy, management, industry, activism, research, and cultural sectors. The program intends to build new and stronger connections across sectors, share lessons and deepen understanding, and advance systemic changes to address challenges.

Each cohort forms project teams of Fellows who work together to define, propose, and implement innovative Alaska salmon/people systems change initiatives during their Fellowship.

ASF in the News

ASF Project Highlights

Salmon Values Results from the Salmon Values team (ASF1 - Ben Stevens, Ben Mohr, and Ricky Gease) will be presented during the March Alaska Board of Fish meeting. The team deployed canvassing surveys during the November 2018 election cycle to collect data on non-economic values of salmon. The team's short-term goal was to explore and highlight academic measures of non-economic values of salmon. Longer-term, the team hopes that their efforts would facilitate better incorporation of non-economic values of salmon in decision making processes, so that benefits derived by salmon are distributed in a more sustainable and equitable manner.

Salmon Shadows Anjuli Grantham (ASF1) and Mark Young (ASF2) held a Salmon Shadows event in Fairbanks. The Salmon Shadows project utilizes art, visual projects, and spoken word moments as springboards for public conversation surrounding the past and the future of salmon in Alaska.

Actor Map Roadshow Catie Bursch, Stephanie Quinn-Davidson and Matt Rafferty have kicked off a Salmon & People Actor Map Roadshow. The ASF2 team is facilitating eight separate sector workshops around the state, including one in conjunction with the March Alaska Board of Fish meeting in Anchorage. During the workshops participants from a specific sector create a visual depiction from their perspective of the key organizations and individuals that influence Alaska's salmon/people system. The workshop explores relationships within the system, revealing connections, blockages and potential opportunities. The team will collect and analyze data from all eight workshops as a baseline study surrounding equity and sustainability.


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