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Program Contact
Kari Lovett

Youth Program Manager 

(907) 272-5345

The Sister School Exchange program builds connections between Alaskan communities through a reflective experiential-based curriculum that culminates with an exchange. 

The program operates throughout the school year, matching a teacher and five students from a rural system community with a teacher and five students from urban Alaska. These teams work through a 6-8 week curriculum on cross-cultural understanding, and then take turns visiting and hosting each other.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Alaska Native Education Program, the Sister School Exchange has engaged in cross-cultural exchanges in Alaska for the last seventeen years.

En route to adventure!
Talking to elders in Buckland
Small planes!
Puppies of Pt. Lay
Exploring trains
Noorvik Group Shot
Manokota & Palmer
Plane to Eek
Walking in Buckland
Final Night in Juneau