Tengluni is the new version of Take Wing Alaska, the Forum's longstanding program to prepare students for a pathway forward after high school.


Tengluni, which means "to take wing" or" take flight" in Yup'ik, is a partnership between the Alaska Humanities Forum and Calista Education and Culture, supporting students in Kuspuk, Lower Kuskokwim and Yupiit School Districts.

Two cohorts of 25 students each are selected from applications submitted from across the Calista Region.  The selected participants take part in three immersion experiences held at post-secondary institutions across the state beginning in the spring of their junior year of high school and finishing in the fall of their senior year. Please note that applications for the 2020 program are now closed.

Cohort 1 Immersion Schedule:

Please check back for updated information.

Cohort 2 Immersion Schedule:

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Students will:

  • Set goals

  • Identify career interests

  • Find and apply to programs for continued education and training

  • Find and apply for financial aid

  • Visit college campuses

  • Apply Yuuyaraq teachings and values

In addition to these cohort experiences, staff will also lead seminars at schools in the Calista Region to encourage school-wide participation and access to the core principles that underlie this programming.

These immersion experiences guide students in developing their academic skills and also in exploring a wide range of post-secondary options. Through a process of self-evaluation and cultural reflection, each student is supported in finding the right fit for their future.

Tengluni is funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Alaska Native Education grants program.