Since 2019 the Alaska Humanities Forum has been hosting programming designed to build trust between journalists and community through the national Democracy and the Informed Citizen Initiative. Administered by the Federation of State Humanities Councils and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this nationwide effort was to examine the connections between democracy, the humanities, journalism, and an informed citizenry. 

The Alaska Humanities Forum hosted a variety of programming, including community conversations, a professional development workshop series, a statewide virtual conversation, and the Community Journovation Fellowship. This competitive 8 week long fellowship explored the intersection of community and media through a series of virtual conversations. The group of 20 community members, media professionals, and students were broken into smaller regional groups and met independently to explore the local relationship between community and media. The fellowship culminated in publications that reflected on their experience or were examples of community engaged media. 

Check out their work below! 

Anonymous Eskimo by Ralph Sara

Building Bridges Through Conversation: Humanizing Science and Scientists by Jessie Young-Robertson & Bob Bolton

I Am From by Winter Marshall Allen

Kenai Peninsula Community Media: A Collaborative Response by Elizabeth Earl, Desiree Hagen, Nancy Lord, Winter Marshall Allen, and Chloe Pleznac

Media For, By, & About Southeast Alaska by Anna Laffery, Becky Meiers, Sage Smile, and Beth Weigel

(Miss) Representation by Desiree Hagen

Reflections on the Fellowship by Diana Haecker

Community | Media | Possibility Reflection by Aud Pleas, Jeff Chen, and Lila Hobbs

Interested in community and media? Host a conversation in your community. 

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