Salmon is a defining factor in the culture of Alaska; it’s something we all have in common. But salmon, Alaska’s third largest industry, is also frequently a flash point of conflict over difficult issues such as racial justice, the urban-rural divide, and balancing sustainability against the needs of resource development.​

Alaska Humanities Forum, along with partner organizations, designed the Alaska Salmon Fellows program to facilitate demanding conversations about salmon issues among leaders from a cross section of salmon policy, management, industry, activism, research, and cultural sectors.  


George Martinez
Director of Leadership Programs
[email protected]

Alaska Salmon Fellows serves as a:

  • Pathway for new and stronger connections across the diverse sectors that have a key stake in the future of Alaska’s salmon; and to rich personal development as an innovative leader.

  • Network to share lessons and deepen understanding of differing perspectives among the Fellows, sparking new relationships and through them, other stakeholders.

  • System of Influence with other Fellows, advancing tangible opportunities to inspire innovative, systemic changes which address key issues and challenges for Alaska's salmon/people system.​

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The initial program ran from 2017-2020, engaging two cohorts of 16 fellows each for 18 months. The program was funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Meet the Fellows

Click on the links below (photo or name) to watch short introductory video clips for each fellow.

Warren Jones
Kris Norosz