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Donor since: 1995

Why I give: I support the Alaska Humanities Forum because the humanities allow us to connect our past with our future by telling the stories of people who came ahead of us.  I don't believe the arts should be divorced from our daily lives, and the Alaska Humanities Forum works to integrate not only the arts but also history and culture and language.

Olympia, WA


Donor since: 1997
Why I give: I was in the first Leadership Anchorage cohort, and I really got a lot out of it.  At the time, it was entirely a scholarship program, and I felt like I had gotten this great gift from the Alaska Humanities Forum.  I feel the need to repay that gift back to the Forum, and to make the program available to others who could benefit from it as well.

Bellingham, WA


Donor since: 2006
Why I give: I support the Alaska Humanities Forum because of the important community building they are engaged in.  The Forum is a convener for difficult and challenging dialogue opportunities so necessary in our very polarized society.  They deserve our support to continue this important work.

Colorado (formerly of Anchorage)


Donor since: 2002
Why I give: The Forum is a unique organization that fills an important
niche in Alaska. We like that it’s focused on rural areas and art and
culture and history. It funds interesting projects that maybe wouldn’t happen otherwise. It raises cultural awareness and appreciation.



Donor since: 2005

Why I give: I support the Alaska Humanities Forum because of its emphasis on people, and on the connection of people and place.  I think the larger goal of building bridges and understanding between all of us has always been an important piece of the way I look at the world and my work.



Donor since: 2011

Why I give: I feel that if we listen to others and respect each other, it can really enrich our understanding. The Forum provides an important mechanism to do this in Alaska.