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The Forum designs and facilitates a wide range of programs that provide opportunities for growth and reflection, cross-cultural immersion, and meaningful conversation. Participants practice and develop skills, strengthen their cultural competency, expand their networks, and activate ideas into action.

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Here’s How We Do What We Do:

Embrace Complexity

embrace complexity

Both the causes and solutions to many of the challenges our communities face are complicated and multifaceted. We lean into this space by exploring the interconnectedness of people and issues, and by digging deeper to get to the "why."

Activate Diversity

activate diversity

Alaskans represent a broad range of perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, and opinions. That diversity offers an opportunity that's too important to leave to chance. Our gatherings encourage participants to interact with and learn from one another to enrich thedialogue and learning.

Listen Hard

listen hard

Our work is community-informed, adaptable, and responsive. In turn, we ask that the people who partner and engage with us are willing to slow down, seek to understand the humanity of others, and pay attention to the intention behind their words.

Take Risks

take risks

Learning and growth happen when people stretch themselves. The Forum creates "brave spaces" where people can share controversial ideas, be vulnerable and real, and examine their assumptions and biases in order to gain a new or deeper understanding.

Gather People

gather people

We bring people together, drawing on the knowledge, experience, and ideas in the room to cultivate collective wisdom. In one of the truest expressions of the definition of "forum," we are a meeting place for essential community dialogue.

Play Long Game

play the long game

Cultural norms and perceptions need to shift in order to see long-term, lasting social change. Our programs engage people in small groups to build individual capacity and understanding while developing the relationships and networks needed for big, lasting systems change.

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Alaska Humanities Forum

The Alaska Humanities Forum is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that designs and facilitates experiences to bridge distance and difference – programming that shares and preserves the stories of people and places across our vast state, and explores what it means to be Alaskan.

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