We are currently accepting applications for Leadership Anchorage 25.  Applications are due August 30, 2021; sessions begin in September.

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Time Commitment

Leadership Anchorage consists of an initial two-day retreat in September and eight full-day sessions held monthly on Saturdays through May.  Sessions are held at different locations throughout the Anchorage area to introduce participants to a range of neighborhoods and community venues.

In addition to the sessions, participants spend approximately 80 hours outside of class on their group projects, meetings with mentors, and preparations/readings for the class.

LA25 Schedule:

21 Sep 2021       Kickoff
25-26 Sep 2021  Retreat
16 Oct 2021        Session
20 Nov 2021       Session
18 Dec 2021       Session
15 Jan 2022        Session
26 Feb 2022        Session
19 Mar 2022        Session
16 Apr 2022         Session
14 May 2022        Session

What is the cost?

Tuition is $2,000. A monthly payment plan is available and many participants obtain financial support from their employer, personal sponsors, Native Corporations, and other groups. We also offer need-based scholarships - indicate on your application if you are interested in more information.

Core Components of the Program

  • The Humanities
    Our approach uses readings, in-depth discussion, and reflection to guide participants in their learning. We use the history and stories of our community as valuable resources in understanding Anchorage's unique opportunities and challenges and in considering how we can shape our future.  

  • Diversity
    LA intentionally engages participants from a cross-section of sector, background and experience, age, and interests to deepen understanding, challenge assumptions, and encourage new connections that might not otherwise develop.

  • Community Projects
    Working in small teams, participants partner with local organizations to work on community impact projects that tackle real, immediate needs within the Anchorage community. 

  • Mentorships
    Participants select a mentor within an area of interest or industry to guide them in meeting their goals for leadership development and community contribution throughout the program.

What do LA alumni say? 

Check out our LA Alumni Series, 30 minute Q-and-A sessions with alumni:

Marilyn Alvarenga (LA20) and Kris Palmatier (LA20)

Joe Sonnier (LA21) and Tiana Walters (LA22)

Fatima Hoger (LA 8) & Stephanie Hoger (LA 23)

Ken Miller (LA 13) & Dacia Idom (LA 20)

Gloria O'Neil (LA 1) & Joshua Franks (LA 22)

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