The organizational vision of the Alaska Humanities Forum is a culturally diverse, economically vibrant, and equitable Alaska where people are engaged, informed, and connected. This vision is only achievable when accessibility is a priority.

At the Forum, we are committed to designing and hosting programs that include people of all identities, abilities, and economic backgrounds.  We recognize that accessibility and inclusivity work is ongoing, and requires a continued and open discussion. The resources on this page are evolving, and we always invite feedback and recommendations for how we can continue to improve.

If you have questions, suggestions or comments about our accessibility, you can contact us at [email protected] 

Available Accommodations

The Alaska Humanities Forum is a statewide organization, and works with a number of organizational and community partners in both urban and rural Alaska. The accommodations we are able to offer vary considerably depending on where a given program is based. If you are participating in a program outside of Anchorage and need accommodations, we recommend you get in touch with us with as much advance notice as possible so that we can work directly with you to meet your access needs. 

Here is a list of accommodations we are currently able to offer for events hosted in our Anchorage office space: 

  • Remote conference options 
  • Providing materials ahead of time
  • Large print readings 
  • Gender-neutral/single-stall bathrooms
  • Access to a quiet space 

We may also be able to offer the following accommodations with advance notice: 

  • Low-scent space 
  • ASL interpretation 
  • Closed captioning on videos 
  • Transcripts of virtual webinars and events 
  • Size accommodations for travel 

To request accommodations for an upcoming event or program, please contact [email protected] with the name and date of the program you will be participating in and the accommodations you would like to request. 

Venue Access

Many of the gatherings we host are held in our office space, which is located in the historic Alaska Railroad Building. Due to the time when this building was originally constructed, it may not meet the access needs of everyone. We attempted to provide as much detail as possible about the venue here so that you can determine if you will require any assistance or accommodations to be able to attend our event. If you have any concerns about access to our venue or would like to get in touch to request additional details, you can reach us by email or phone at (907) 272-5341. 

> Download our Full Venue Access Statement