Depolarizing Vaccine Conversations Webinars

The Depolarizing Vaccine Conversations webinars offer background on research and recommendations for navigating challenging conversations about vaccines with coworkers, family members, friends, and acquaintances.

Mending our social fabric in times of conflict and distrust.

At home, at work, and in virtual meeting spaces, Alaskans are tackling challenging conversations about the COVID-19 vaccine. Whether we're figuring out how to come back to the office, navigating childcare, or planning family gatherings, talking about vaccination provokes powerful feelings about our safety, our health, our freedom, our autonomy, and our responsibility to the communities we care for.

It's easy for conversations like these to become heated quickly.

Faulty assumptions and loaded words can push our relationships into a vicious cycle of defensiveness, mistrust, and hostility. When these conversations go wrong, it tears at the social fabric of our community without making us safer or healthier.

Through this series we ask the question, how do we do better?

Read about the impact of the Depolarizing Vaccine Conversations workshops and webinars. 


Taylor Strelevitz

Director of Conversation Programs
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Webinar Recordings

Understanding the Destructive Cycle of Conflict in Vaccine Conversations


Why We Need to Redefine our Goals for Vaccine Conversations


Constructive Boundary Setting for Vaccine Conversations


Why We Need Wiser Questions for Vaccine Conversations


Using Stories to Improve Vaccine Conversations & Strengthen Community


Compassionate Listening for Vaccine Conversations


Navigating Difficult Conversations about Vaccines and Childcare


What We've Learned About Depolarizing Vaccine Conversations


Project Sponsors & Partners:

The Alaska Humanities Forum developed this series in partnership with the Alaska Children's Trust with funding from United Way and the Municipality of Anchorage’s Health Department.

The opinions, findings, and recommendations expressed in these presentations are those of the Alaska Humanities Forum. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the United Way of Anchorage or the Municipality of Anchorage’s Health Department.

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