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The Leadership Anchorage Alumni Award recognizes an LA alum who has made significant contributions within their chosen profession and/or volunteer activities, has impacted their community, or the public at large; whose work supports connecting Alaskans and strengthening communities; and who has shown a commitment to ethical, compassionate leadership.

In 2019, in partnership with the Leadership Anchorage Advisory Board, the Forum gave out the very first Leadership Anchorage Alumni Award to honor an alumna/alumnus.

Ken Miller Photo
2022: Ken Miller (LA13)

Ken Miller, CFRE is the president and lead consultant for Denali FSP Fundraising & Grant Consultants, a fundraising and grant management consulting firm.

Gloria O Neill CURRENT sq
2021: Gloria O'Neill (LA1)

While in her early twenties, Gloria O’Neill began working at CITC where she was drawn to the organization's purpose and mission. Her experience in the first cohort of LA supplied the confidence and support needed to find her voice in her forthcoming role as CEO and in her career as an unrelenting servant leader.

Jason Metrokin
2020: Jason Metrokin (LA2)

Jason Metrokin was born and raised in Anchorage. As a beneficiary of his late grandfather's shares in BBNC, Jason is a Bristol Bay descendant and is the first non-original shareholder of an Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) regional corporation to become President and CEO. Learn More

Janie Leask
2019: Janie Leask (LA1)

Now retired and living in Homer, Janie Leask is a servant-leader whose career includes roles within a number of statewide organizations. Born to a Haida Tshminshian father and an Irish German mother, Janie grew up in Metlakatla but always had a foot in both worlds. Learn More


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LA has over 400 alumni across Anchorage, and Alaska. An Alumni Advisory Board hosts a range of activities and events for networking and continued learning. Find the full list of alumni here.

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